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We built Curriculum Works as a tool for educators to use to help make their schools the best they can be.

The Curriculum Works platform offers a wide variety of benefits to administrators and educators. But, more importantly are the benefits that it can provide to students and teachers.

+ Improved

We help schools craft great curriculum. Furthermore, by making it easy for them to integrate curriculum from teacher to teacher, course to course and grade to grade, the school is creating an environment where lessons and activities can build upon each other and relate to other subjects. This type of integrated curriculum has been proven to create meaningful improvement in learning.

+ Growth in

The platform allows teachers to fine tune their lessons and activities to align with MAP Growth assessments by RIT band. By being able to craft curriculum that supports both learning outcomes and assessments, students are challenged more in their adaptive testing and given the opportunity for reaching higher scores.

+ More teacher engagement with students

We’re proud that we’re able to help professional educators spend more time doing what they love and were trained for: teaching. We help dramatically free up a teacher’s time so they can spend more of their time with the class, engaging with their students, creating positive social and educational change.

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