We partner with the NWEA to give teachers the tools to help students get the most out of MAP Growth assessments.

The partnership between NWEA and Curriculum Works allows educators to find teaching resources directly aligned to student results from the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Growth) assessment. Teachers have immediate access to K–12 curricular resources and curated OER specifically aligned by fellow educators to MAP Learning Statements. All of this makes it simple to quickly individualize instruction based on MAP Growth assessment results.

"NWEA believes that assessment should inform instruction, so we are especially excited to partner with Curriculum Works," said Matt Chapman, CEO of NWEA.

"Our goal is for MAP Growth results to seamlessly add value to teaching and enrich learning."

The tight integration of MAP Growth resources lets educators sync MAP Growth data to their standards-aligned curriculum. Connecting the students’ learning progress, and built-in resources that are aligned to RIT Ranges, helps foster enriched learning and promote growth in assessments.

“We are delighted to partner with NWEA to make a direct connection between students’ learning progress and the content and resources that have been specifically aligned to RIT Ranges and available through our platform,” said Donn Smith, CEO of Curriculum Works. “It’s our hope that this partnership will help teachers streamline their planning process and better serve the needs of every student.”

+ Easily individualize instruction based on MAP Growth Assessment

We have a partnership with NWEA and include resources and lessons that support MAP Learning Statements by RIT band and subject area. Now you can individualize your instruction by selecting resources and activities that align to areas in the MAP Growth test that are most beneficial to the success of your classroom


Select a RIT range to see the standards and learning statements that apply.

Vetted lessons from our resource library that support the selected learning statement are available to drag-and-drop into your lesson plan.

+ Creating individualized lessons couldn't be simpler

Easily find great lesson ideas from our resource library, and drag and drop them right into a lesson plan.